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Stijn Saveniers is a multifaceted conductor, cellist and researcher.

He is the artistic director of his own comic music theatre company, Volksopera Antwerp; as a cellist and regularly as a conductor he is a fixed member of the Antwerp based contemporary music ensemble HERMES; as a researcher he is connected to the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp; and he has recently taken up the artistic directorship of the Artois Orchestra.

Stijn Saveniers studied at the conservatories of Leuven (Belgium) and Maastricht (the Netherlands), where he obtained, both for cello and orchestral conducting, his Masters degree with greatest distinction. In addition, he was awarded the Hustinckx Price in 2006. This triennial price is awarded to the most promising young talent.

From then onwards he conducted a wide variety of productions: opera, operetta, ballet, symphonic and chamber orchestra repertoire, oratory and contemporary music.

His special affinity with the human voice, in combination with an extensive experience as a pianist-répétiteur, led to his focus on the music theatre repertoire, with highlights such as the creation in Kuwait in 2015 of the very first original Arabic opera, Opera Deira, in Kuwait, composed by Dr. Rasheed Albougaily and written by Dr. Ali Alanezi.

It became, however, abundantly clear that the often-neglected comic repertoire would define his signature style, combining humor and music in a mix of spoken word, parlando singing and great lyrical moments. He conducted productions of ‘La Périchole’, ‘La Grande-duchesse de Gérolstein’, ‘Les Bavards’ & ‘Mr. choufleuri restera chez lui’ (Offenbach), ‘Der Vogelhändler’ (Zeller), ‘Das Land des Lächelns’ (Lehar), ‘Eine Nacht in Venedig’ & ‘Die Fledermaus’ (Strauss) and ‘Clivia’ (Dostal).

His increasing sympathy for this genre made him discover many forgotten works, which became one of the reasons why, in 2014, he founded a comic music theatre company, Volksopera Antwerp.

Volksopera aims at both preserving this genre musically — its specific musical needs, sound expression in particular — and innovating the presentation of it through confrontation with today’s theatre paradigms.
All productions are based on the research that Stijn Saveniers conducts in the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp; within this research he publishes new critical editions of little known quality works.

Apart from his artistic activities he is an executive member of the artistic board of TamTamTools, a revolutionary new platform for creative professionals.

In the coming months, a number of recordings, a new Don Giovanni production, concerts with the HERMES ensemble and the setup of a new Volksopera production are planned.

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Volksopera duikt vergeten parels uit het muzikale theater op - van operette tot vroege musical. We slijpen ze tot hun essentie en zetten ze op een hedendaagse scène. Zo ontdekt een breed publiek opnieuw die aanstekelijke melodieën en tragikomische vertellingen over grootmoedige klein-menselijkheid en vrolijke tristesse.

TamTamTools is a platform devoted to the support of talented and rising artists, with the goal of helping them take their career to the next level and achieve their dreams of becoming successful in their various fields.