New habits

Updated: Apr 17

Here in Belgium, the obligatory confinement to one’s own space is not really tight. In order to relieve the tension everyone is allowed outside for a walk or a bike ride (not a picknick in the park), under strict conditions of social distancing. Most of the people we encounter keep to those measures, which is heartwarming to see.

Anyway, for us as a household these measures have brought to us a new regular project: bike rides with the family. Our two children with their two parents on the road.

Up until now, we hadn’t been able to experience the joy of such a shared giro nella campagna. We are all enthusiastic about it. It feels like a new habit that’s here to stay.

What about you? Have you developed new habits that you would like to keep after this virus has become manageable?

In the meantime, we keep indulging into our newfound habits.


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